Have you seen this pig?

I love this pig. I have been drooling over this quirky little planter for almost 2 years now. I have felt the lack of it’s presence like a void. Why haven’t I purchased it, you ask? Good question. I’m glad you asked.


Exhibit A

I have tried many, many, many times to keep plants alive. Bean, knowing my propensity for mass plant massacre, decided to get me a cactus for Mother’s Day. I killed it. I killed a cactus. See “Exhibit A”. (You can’t really tell from that photo – but it “deflated” like a soufflé.) A friend of mine, not believing I was as awful as I claimed, once gifted me with the most adorable baby spider plant. It, too, joins it’s brethren in eternal slumber. Whenever I have been tempted to purchase a plant, I have had flashes of all the killings I have committed and I place the plant gently back on the shelf in hopes it will find a better home.

I have denied myself the pleasure of this pig’s company as a punishment to my brown thumb and a promise to plants everywhere that I will not slay thee.

But something has changed.

My dear, wonderful husband can not only keep plants alive… they thrive!!! And like the bright sunshine-y yellow of this plaster masterpiece, I see a ray of light that it can rest happily on my side table. This pig will be mine. It is me. It says a happy, slightly weird and completely unique woman with questionable style should own it. That woman is me. The plant that rests in here will be happy.

A few months I ago, I begged my husband to bring home another spider plant. He isn’t much of a fan of them, but I felt the need to redeem myself in the eyes of horticulturalists everywhere. Or, more accurately, I felt the need for Eric to redeem me. He surprised me one evening with the fattest, happiest specimen of Chlorophytum comosum – or to you layman folk – a spider plant. (I admit, I googled that. Shocked?) I immediately named him “Peter Parker”.

After a rough start, Peter is having babies. I think a pig is a fitting home for one of them a la Simpson Spider Pig. (FYI if you live in a municipal that adds fluoride to your water, it may be browning your plants. You may have to indulge them in fresh spring or distilled water as we Eric has done.)

That pig is mine. He is en route from this wonderful Etsy seller – Fruit Fly Pie. Check them out. They have a great collection of ceramics sure to fun-ify you home!

In case you were curious about other things peek my interest – you can follow my faves on Etsy here or follow me on Pinterest! Shoot me a line and I would love to follow you back!

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