Hello, Maureen’s Sister! (or Blog Fail)

I admit it – I have been terribly remiss in maintaining my blog. I have been incredibly busy with learning the new job (which I love) and balancing family life (which I also love) – so something had to slide by the wayside. My camera’s CF card is also on perpetual backlog, so I suppose that makes two slides.

What I have been doing – is spending time on the sofa cruising Pinterest for things I will (most likely never) make and clothes I drool over. This requires no more energy than a slight swipe of my finger on the iPad and I do this in a “my-mind-is-numb-because-I-have-been-working-and-caring-for-small-children-who-are-hiding-their-mission-to-drive-me-insane-behind-their-adorably-cute-faces” kinda way at the end of the day. Many of us are guilty of this exact crime – admit it.

Which brings me to this oldie of a gem text message between my beloved husband and myself.


I mean thank goodness for mobile technology or these moments would have been lost forever. Sadly  (or happily depending on your viewpoint) I have more than one of these literary masterpieces saved.

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