Happy 1st Birthday, Violet!

I decided to start this post off by creating a list of things I am proud of and not so proud of. Let’s start with the positive!
Things I am proud of:
  1. I made this beautiful little girl.. so proud of her.
  2. I made those cupcakes… first time ever making frosting… so proud of me.
  3. Despite the lack of photos (mommy was running around making sure kids stayed alive and people got to eat), it was a great part with lots of attention to details (candy cups, paper straws, pretty decorations… *sigh*)

Thing I am not so proud of:

  1. It took me almost a year to post ONE photo… she’s almost TWO!
  2. I didn’t take more photos of the day. There are some, but not a lot… (Thank you Stacy for picking up the camera and capturing the chaos of the gift unwrapping.)
But seriously… look at that cupcake (oh and the baby)!

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