self_aboutpageBorn at an early age and raised in ManchVegas, I was a menace to walls, churches and girl scout organizations everywhere. Upon graduating university with my Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design, I packed up my covered wagon and headed out to Texas to become a cowgirl/starving artist. After spending time best forgotton in Dallas, I settled on a lovely area in Austin and shared my apartment with a native family of Palmetto Bugs (read: Giant Cockroaches) who, thankfully, scattered when I turned on the lights – so I had the lights on. A lot. Even when I slept. The power company loved me and to this day still sends holiday cards.

After suffering through blistering heat, flash floods, softball sized hail, being chased up an interstate by a tornado and most disturbingly, chased out of a bar with a large and menacing looking cattle prod, I got the hell outta Dodge and headed back to the green lushness of New Hampshire where I still reside (with my handsome husband and adorable daughters in a 1915 craftsman bungalow surrounded maple trees and kamikaze squirrels.

Despite rumors to the contrary, I am neither a color, a crayon nor a pub brew. I am, according to my business card, a graphic designer and (sometimes) a photographer.

My other pastimes include writing, spewing weird philosophies, drawing, painting, singing in the shower, and shaving poodles – all at the same time. Really. I have an irrational fear of gray squirrels, public transportation and an intense dislike of lactose.

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