Power Room Redo

One of the projects I wanted to tackle when we moved in two years ago, was the powder room off of the kitchen. It had been 85% updated prior to us buying the house, but it still needed some cosmetic finishing. The toilet and pedestal sink were perfect for the space, but the walls… well that was a challenge for me. I kept contemplating tearing off the old melamine wall boards and replacing them with bead board, wainscoting or white subway tiles. I really want to go with the white subway tiles, but the pocket book isn’t quite up for that expense, so the powder room just stayed the same. I finally decided that it needed a face lift in the interim.
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the Art of Self

Communicating is crucial, yet a constant struggle for me. I possess a reflective view of the world and my place in it and my art (when I find time to create it) focuses on deconstructing and reconstructing that view. I aim to capture the details that are often overlooked. In my landscape work, I utilize color, contrast, and texture in order to create a mood or atmosphere incongruous to otherwise familiar places and objects. In my creative portrait work, I aim to unveil the hidden essence of a person – parts of the persona that often lie just below the surface. Continue reading

Happy 1st Birthday, Violet!

I decided to start this post off by creating a list of things I am proud of and not so proud of. Let’s start with the positive!
Things I am proud of:
  1. I made this beautiful little girl.. so proud of her.
  2. I made those cupcakes… first time ever making frosting… so proud of me.
  3. Despite the lack of photos (mommy was running around making sure kids stayed alive and people got to eat), it was a great part with lots of attention to details (candy cups, paper straws, pretty decorations… *sigh*)

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Longmeadow Farm Wedding

I was so excited to be a part of the wedding celebrations for friends of ours this past October. A picturesque setting in New Hampshire. I know it’s almost spring and this was a fall wedding – and I should have taken more photos – but better late than never!! (And yes, that is a claw foot bathtub in the barn… because why not?) Congrats, Jeff and Teresa!!!!! Continue reading

Wino Support

This past June I was lucky enough to be in the San Francisco area for a work event. The event was on a Saturday and my boss and I had booked  red eye flight home on Sunday. That gave us an entire free day to explore the area before heading home. I have never been to San Francisco and the original plan was to explore the pier, try to book a ferry to Alcatraz, see the famous “painted ladies”… but that was not to be. The San Francisco marathon was taking place day – bringing with it throngs of runner and spectators. Anyone who knows me, know I do not do well in lines or in large crowds, so the thought of elbowing my ways through the over crowded streets was enough to make me a little dizzy. Fortunately, Napa Valley is a quick 2-hour drive away. My boss and I decided a quiet drive through picturesque landscapes was much preferable to the alternative.

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Summer Days

It was a hectic summer – and my camera has been on perpetual back log but I did manage over the last few evening to process some photos of the girls from summer. Bean is getting harder and harder to wrestle down for pictures – she wants nothing to do with me and my camera anymore – I count myself lucky to have snagged the few that I did. Now if I can only get them together….

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